Exquisite Geisha Graffiti by Hush

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hush-geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-01, illustration, graffiti hush-geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-02, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-03, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-04, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-05, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-06, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-07, illustration, graffiti hush-geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-08, illustration, graffiti hush-geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-09, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-10, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-11, illustration geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-12, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-13, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-14, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-15, illustration, graffiti

Street artist Hush explores the relationship of fine art and street graffiti with his Geisha series. The artist is also interested in the way visual styles from the East meet those from the West. After spending a number of years in Japan as a toy artist, Hush returned to his home – the UK to produce a series of solo works and collaborations that have been on the radar of high-profile collectors.

Hush has exhibited in solo and group shows … Read the rest

The Effect of Drugs onto a Negative Film by Sarah Schoenfeld

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Pharmaceutical Speed
















Fantasy + Ecstasy


Crystal Meth






Speed + Magic

Since the 1950s, we in the western world have increasingly come to understand our most intimate desires and experiences, as the products of a so-called “chemical self”. We are able to explain moods, angers, and diseases both physiological and psychological through an imbalance of substances in the body. All of this, of course, takes place against the backdrop of Read the rest

For Those Who See – Installation by Daniel Schulze

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for-those-who-see-daniel-schulze-epistrophy-01, sound installation, fog, japan media arts festival for-those-who-see-daniel-schulze-epistrophy-02, sound installation, fog, japan media arts festival for-those-who-see-daniel-schulze-epistrophy-03, sound installation, fog, japan media arts festival for-those-who-see-daniel-schulze-epistrophy-04, sound installation, fog, japan media arts festival

This amazing new sound/sculpture installation was a jury recommended work for the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival. The work creates a field of exploding fog clouds through the strategical use of music speakers to push them out. The possibilities of this technology seem infinite and they really remind us of the waterfall graphic print technology that has been around for some time now.

In research of digital information the installation ‘for those who see’ shows the beauty of the Read the rest

Colorful Street Art by Seth Globepainter

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seth-street-art-epistrophy-01, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-02, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-03, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-04, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-05, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-06, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-07, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-08, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-09, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-10, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-12, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-14, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-15, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-16, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-17, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-18, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-19, graffiti, street art

French muralist Seth Globepainter lives up to his artistic name and travels the world to adorn city walls with his colorful graffiti works. Without a specific political agenda, he paints images of children opening up through their curiosity colorful and interesting worlds which oftentimes are occupied by magical and dreamlike creatures. Through his work, he aspires to engage adults to reconnect with those worlds and once again be inspired to dream freely and in full color.

Murals done in the … Read the rest

Light Paintings by Nicolas Rivals

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Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-02, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-03, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-04, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-05, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-06, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-07, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-08, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-09, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-10, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-11, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-12, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-13, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-14, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stabilite-epistrophy-15, light painting, photography Nicolas-Rivals-Eloge-de-la-stability-epistrophy-01, light painting, photographyFrench photographer Nicolas Rivals explores light painting in a different way than what we are usually used to seeing. Instead of pushing the medium towards its inherently expressive qualities (excellent examples previously featured on Epistrophy here and here) he integrates his creations in carefully chosen urban sites.

The image of light against a dark and cold background evokes hopefulness and immediately draw attention with their vibrancy and brightness. Masterfully located in the scene, the light circles both extend the … Read the rest

Beautifully Refined Xray Images of Nature by Arie Van’t Riet

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Bollenveld_low-xrays-epistrophy-01 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-02 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-03 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-04 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-05 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-06 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-07 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-08 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-09 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-10 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-11 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-12 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-13 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-14 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-15 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-16 Bollenveld_low-xrays-riet-epistrophy-17

Dutch radiation scientist Arie van’t Riet turns traditional x-ray imagery into art with his Nature series.

Arie van’t Riet: As a physicist I specialized in radiation physics.Especially in very low energy X-rays. Some years ago I started to use these experience in X-ray photography. An amazing kind of black and white photography.

Looking with X-ray eyes to nature. That’s what I like to experience with my X-ray camera. I prefer X-ray objects of ordinary scenes like a butterfly nearby a Read the rest

Watercolor Works by Estela Cuadro

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estela-cuadro-paintings-epistrophy-01, watercolors, Argentina, Buenos Aires, performance art, painting, illustration, graphic design estela-cuadro-paintings-epistrophy-03, watercolors, Argentina, Buenos Aires, performance art, painting,  illustration, graphic designestela-cuadro-paintings-epistrophy-02, watercolors, Argentina, Buenos Aires, performance art, painting,  illustration, graphic design estela-cuadro-paintings-epistrophy-04, watercolors, Argentina, Buenos Aires, performance art, painting,  illustration, graphic design estela-cuadro-paintings-epistrophy-06,watercolors, Argentina, Buenos Aires, performance art, painting,  illustration, graphic design estela-cuadro-paintings-epistrophy-07, watercolors, Argentina, Buenos Aires, performance art, painting,  illustration, graphic design estela-cuadro-paintings-epistrophy-08, watercolors, Argentina, Buenos Aires, performance art, painting,  illustration, graphic design estela-cuadro-paintings-epistrophy-09, watercolors, Argentina, Buenos Aires, performance art, paintings,  illustration, graphic design

Previously featured on Epistrophy for her collaboration with Daniela Figurniak to create the WUAU! characters, Estela Cuadro’s personal work is captivating in its own right. Full of rich detail and masterful use of watercolors, the artworks draw inspiration from circus performers and fictional characters.

Born and educated in Argentina, artist, illustrator and graphic designer Estela Cuadro has exhibited her work in multiple shows in Buenos Aires and most recently in New York’s “Where is North’s Arts” exhibition on Hudson Street.… Read the rest

Nendo Rethinks the Ancient Art of Making Chopsticks

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chopsticks-for-Hashikura-Matsukan-epistrophy-01, multicolor, details, hanatabaNendo-chopsticks-for-Hashikura-Matsukan-epistrophy-02, hanataba
Hanataba: Round chopsticks are slippery to use, but overly square-cornered ones aren’t as comfortable to hold. We explored ways of increasing the surface area of chopsticks in the hand, as a way of improving holding comfort, and discovered the natural form of the pleated cross-section. When viewed as a cross-section, the chopsticks look like flowers, so a bunch of chopsticks kept together into a cup turns into a ‘bouquet’.
udukuri_sketch-epistrophy chopsticks-for-Hashikura-Matsukan-epistrophy-04, udukuri
Udukuri: The traditional technique, in which materials clamshells, eggshells and gold Read the rest

Tapeworks by Mark Khaisman at Context Art Miami

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Mark-Khaisman-tapeworks-epistrophy-01, context art, miami Mark-Khaisman-tapeworks-epistrophy-02, context art, miami Mark-Khaisman-tapeworks-epistrophy-03, context art, miami Mark-Khaisman-tapeworks-epistrophy-04, context art, miami Mark-Khaisman-tapeworks-epistrophy-05, context art, miami Mark-Khaisman-tapeworks-epistrophy-06, context art, miami Mark-Khaisman-tapeworks-epistrophy-07, context art, miami Mark-Khaisman-tapeworks-epistrophy-11, context art, miamiMark-Khaisman-tapeworks-epistrophy-08, context art, miami Mark-Khaisman-tapeworks-epistrophy-10


Incredibly detailed artworks produced entirely out of tape by Russian born artist Mark Khaisman. Backlit and carefully displays, the pieces have a stunning holographic quality. The texture produced by the uniform dimension of the tape makes them read as intricate tapestries that densify and open up to produce imagery inspired by movies and historic elements.

Via Mark Khaisman studio.… Read the rest

WUAU! Characters for the home by Estela Cuadro and Daniela Figurniak

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Logo Strip_outlineestela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-02, daniela figurniak, home design, animal charactersestela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-02a,  daniela figurniak, home design, animal characters estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-02b,  daniela figurniak, home design, animal characters estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-01


estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-03 estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-03a estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-03b estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-03cestela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-06estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-06aestela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-04
estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-07 estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-09 estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-10 estela-cuadro-wuau-epistrophy-11

Argentine artists Estela Cuadro and Daniela Figurniak have teamed up to create these amazingly friendly characters which not only bring a great deal of whimsy to their owner’s homes but serve as great stationary or jewelry displays. We at Epistrophy came across the two artists’ work in the heart of Patagonia, a little town called El Calafate and immediately fell in love with them which of course resulted in owning one!

Be sure to check out and like their … Read the rest