Paper Animation by Nils Knoblich

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Absolutely beautiful short film by illustrator, comic book artist and animation filmmaker Nils Knoblich.

A prisoner receives the message that his old father needs help with tilling the field. In his desperate situation the prisoner suddenly has the idea to use the guards to till his dad’s land.

In this paper crafted animation short cardboard box characters tell a story about the relationship between a dad and his son. It’s a parable about the assignment of roles of parents and Read the rest

Stunning Microscale Photos of Insect Wings

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linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-01 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-02 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-03 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-04 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-05 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-06 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-07 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-08 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-09Upclose photographs taken by biochemist Linden Gledhill (flickr feed here, carefully documented with the Latin names of each species) reveal the depths of the intrinsic beauty we ascribe to insect wings such as butterflies and moths.

An almost endless variety of colors blend on their surface, which resemble a hybrid between flower petals and fish scales. Brightly colored to attract species of the same kind and at the same time hide from predators, these insect have developed a beautiful, … Read the rest

New Movement Collective Transforms an Inactive Chapel into a Performance Space

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new-movement-collective-estela-merlos-epistrophy-01 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-02 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-03 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-04 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-05 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-06

Be sure to check out the awesome video of this striking performance by New Movement Collective. The UK based performance troupe was commissioned by the new arts organization Stone nest to mark the end of a period of inactivity for a Grade II listed chapel in London.

Dance, architecture, animation and interactive light technologies blend in a powerful mix to recreate the adventures in Homer’s classic work, The Odyssey. In the spirit of the highly successful “Sleep No More” performance … Read the rest

Dear Readers

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We created Epistrophy as a space where art, architecture, music and design can influence each-other and build off of the knowledge that each of those fields acquires daily.  We believe that such a ground for exchanging ideas is critical for their advancement, and that’s why we don’t share just what is viral on the web but projects and articles that always have a spatial component to them, challenge the status quo and are visually arresting.

We need help in finding … Read the rest