The Water Tank Project Takes Over NYC

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Over 100 water tanks will be wrapped in the next few months (many of which have already been done) with art by established artists including John Baldessari, Jeff Koons, Maya Lin, Andy Goldsworthy, street artists such as Icy & Sot, Barry McGee, and Fab 5 Freddy, emerging artists, and even NYC public school students.

The project which was started by filmmaker Mary Jordan after her trip to Ethiopia in 2007. After working on her documentary there, she fell ill due … Read the rest

Stunning Double-Exposure Photographs by Erkin Demir

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Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-01 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-02 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-03 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-04 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-05 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-06 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-07 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-08 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-09 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-10

Young Turkish photographer Erkin Demir blends beautifully expressive portraits with architectural and natural landscapes. The result is a black and white essay on personality and the free flight thought. Educated in Business Administration, Erkin took up photography following a great interest in the Visual Arts. Fashion photography became a passion but creative portraits prove to be a realm of great attention and dedication for the young artist.

The portraits are along the same lines as the work of another previously … Read the rest