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Coming from a variety of backgrounds ranging from Architecture, Visual Arts, Marketing and Computer Science, we are a group of young professionals passionate about innovation, art, design and relentlessly seeking beauty in the world around us. Epistrophy came as a natural response to our desire to share the impressive work of talented people from around the globe that brings a change in our lives. We hope it would do the same for you.

We created Epistrophy with the mission to spark inspiration through art, photography, architecture, design and music. We are driven from the belief that inspiration, spurring from a visual and auditory stimulation or clever storytelling, is holistic in nature and will spill in every aspect of your every day life.

Visiting Epistrophy each day, you’ll find 2-3 posts showcasing the work of artists from various fields with the goal to help them get a wider recognition and broaden their audience worldwide. You should also follow Epistrophy on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

If you’ve stumbled upon content that you find relevant for Epostriphy, please visit the Submission page.

Thank you for checking out our blog and your support!

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