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For once, the excitement, the bright red wrapping, pink hearted decals, the smell of sweet perfume and fluffy cuteness surrounding Valentine’s day didn’t leave us untouched. Hence, we decided to dedicate a post this sometimes controversial holiday. Love is everywhere around us and every day should be a celebration of the magical curse that’s been thrown upon us.

In his book, French Kiss – a Love Letter to Paris , the american photographer Peter Turnley presents a collection of couples who crossed the artist’s way in bars, cafes and the narrow streets of Paris over the course of 40 years. Warm and genuine, the black and white photography visually translates the romantic stories witnessed by Turnley in the capital of love.

The artist who shares his time between New York and Paris, also teaches photography workshops on street photography and the photo-essay in Paris, Cuba, New York, Mumbai, Venice, Sicily, and Lisbon. You can find more information about the upcoming workshops here.