Nendo designs a new series of chocolate truffles

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Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-01 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-02 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-03 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-04 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-05 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-06 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-07 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-08 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-09 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-10 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-11 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-12 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-13

Prolific and talented Japanese design studio Nendo, whose work we’ve featured several times at Epistrophy recently unveiled a line of edible chocolate truffles. Cleverly titled Chocolatexture, the nine distinct sculptural shapes each feature a special flavor of cocoa and a very memorable corresponding name.
Oki Sato, leader of the Milan and Tolyo-based company Nendo, stated: “The 9 different types of chocolate are made within the same size, 26x26x26mm, featuring pointed tips, hollow interiors, smooth or rough surface textures.” “And while … Read the rest

Absolutely Spectacular NYC Aerial Shots by Vincent Laforet

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vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_02vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_01 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_04vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_03 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_06vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_05 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_07 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_08 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_09vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_11 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_manhattan_10

Photographer Vincent Laforet climbed 7,500 feet (2,300 meters) above Manhattan to take these incredible aerial shots in what he describes was the most dangerous flight he’d ever taken. Helicopters are just not aerodynamic enough to hover steadily at such high altitudes but the results of this adventure are clearly more than worth it. He’s given us a rarely seen perspective of the wholeness of the city with its tangled streets in the downtown area and the highly defined grid of … Read the rest

New Movement Collective Transforms an Inactive Chapel into a Performance Space

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new-movement-collective-estela-merlos-epistrophy-01 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-02 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-03 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-04 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-05 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-06

Be sure to check out the awesome video of this striking performance by New Movement Collective. The UK based performance troupe was commissioned by the new arts organization Stone nest to mark the end of a period of inactivity for a Grade II listed chapel in London.

Dance, architecture, animation and interactive light technologies blend in a powerful mix to recreate the adventures in Homer’s classic work, The Odyssey. In the spirit of the highly successful “Sleep No More” performance … Read the rest

The Cube By Oyler Wu Collaborative

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Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-01 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-02 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-03 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-04 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-05 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-06 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-07 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-08

Oyler Wu Collective:

“The proposal is aimed at creating a three-dimensional spatial experience to activate the urban environment, one that capitalizes directly on the inherent spatial characteristics of line. By using a semi-repetitious field of twisting “surfaces,” the proposal moves back and forth between complex field and coherent geometric pattern. Ultimately, we’re interested in the transcendence of line into a completely engulfing experience- one that can be occupied as a kind of three-dimensional drawing. This ambition is aimed at creating Read the rest

String Jungle Gym by Numen For Use

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numen-for-use-pavilion-epistrophy-01 numen-for-use-string-jungle-gym-epistrophy-02 numen-for-use-string-jungle-gym-epistrophy-03 numen-for-use-string-jungle-gym-epistrophy-04 numen-for-use-string-jungle-gym-epistrophy-05 numen-for-use-string-jungle-gym-epistrophy-06 numen-for-use-string-jungle-gym-epistrophy-07 numen-for-use-string-jungle-gym-epistrophy-08

Numen For Use: “Prototype of a self supporting inhabitable social sculpture.

The installation is based on production system of large geometric inflated objects. Since the physical behavior of fluids tend to make all inflates spherical, thin parallel ropes are tied on opposite sides of the volume, keeping them parallel to one another. Filigree interiors of this technically invented system are never exposed to public.

When the volume deflates, the ropes get loose and lay on the ground enabling compression of Read the rest

Origami Pavilion for London by Make Architects

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Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_01 Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_02 Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_03 Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_04 Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_05 Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_06 Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_07 Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_08 Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_09 Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_10 Kiosks-by-Make-Architects_epistrophy_11

Installed at London’s Canary Wharf public plaza, the two kiosks take on the old Japanese art of origami to negotiate between the closed and open state. Designed by British studio Make Architects, the pavilions transform beautifully in front of the eyes of visitors to challenge the notion of city’s temporary structures.

In the creator’s own words: “The simple folding geometric form of the kiosk is based on the concept of origami. Expressed as a compact, sculptural rectangular box when closed, … Read the rest

Kinetic Facade Responds to Facial Features

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Asif Khan_Megafon_Sochi_Iart-epistrophy-01-kinetic-facade Asif Khan_Megafon_Sochi_Iart-epistrophy-02-kinetic-facade Asif Khan_Megafon_Sochi_Iart-epistrophy-03-kinetic-facade Asif Khan_Megafon_Sochi_Iart-epistrophy-04-kinetic-facade Asif Khan_Megafon_Sochi_Iart-epistrophy-06-kinetic-facade

Conceived by British designer Asif Khan and engineered by Swiss visual art and installation studio iart. The kinetic facade of the MegaFon pavilion projects the portraits of visitors through a system of movable actuators. The actuators are pistons attached a motorized engine and equipped with a LED light.

Each visitor of the Olympics can participate in the installation by having their picture taken in a specially assigned 3D booth which captures their face from all angles. The image is … Read the rest

Walking City by Universal Everything

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Video production company Universal Everything has produced an incredible new video morphing human movement and geometric form, called Walking City. Well worth watching the whole film and enjoy the seamless transition between the metamorphoses.

“Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters.”

Previously featured works by Universal Everything … Read the rest