Flos by Carl Kleiner

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Carl Kleiner has taken a series of photographs made entirely of Flos architectural lighting taken apart and carefully arranged in painting-like compositions. The result is a body of work with a life and beauty of its own which brings out the prowesses of the objects within.

Via Carl Kleiner’s website

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Aakash Nihalani’s Tape Street Art

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I’ve been following Aakash’s work for a few years now and am very excited to feature him on Epistrophy! His neon tape has become a trademark of his and is easily recognizable in the streetscapes around the globe. Make sure to check out his website too which is full of fun objects to play with and great projects to admire.

He recently gave an in-depth interview for Designboom in which he talks about his work and inspirations, which will give … Read the rest

Light, Sound and Video Installation by Daniel Schwartz

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Live audiovisual performance by electronic musician Edisonnoside and visual artist Daniel Schwarz.
Dark, blurry electronic music and non-linear rhythms meld with hypnotic, abstract visuals, superimposed on a matrix of rods.
Image and sound go hand in hand -each influences the other, feeds off the other- and in this fusion, play with the perception of space and reality.

Via Daniel Schwartz
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