Angkor Mandala Sequence by Antal Gabelics

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Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics

Antal Gabelics: “This project expands on the idea of how tourism affects the spiritual experience of the temples of Angkor. I wanted to explore the interrelation of traditional past and developing present at Angkor, and questions what they mean for the future of this historical Read the rest

Beautifully Abstract Video by studio Zeitguised

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We are happy to have stumbled upon another cool project by Zeitguised (previous one here) on Epistrophy.

Zeitguised is a studio for contemporary art. Founded in 2001 by American sculpture and fashion designer Jamie Raap and German architect Henrik Mauler, their collective crafts unique, cryptic and texture-juxtaposing digital creations that are both organic and mechanical in nature.

“The cloud theme predominates Zeitguised’s work: a transitionary, metastable cloud that is nothing – yet becomes anything. A swarming system that shows Read the rest

The Blue Characters of Cranio are Taking over Brazil

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street-art-brazil-epistrophy-11 street-art-brazil-epistrophy-10 street-art-brazil-epistrophy-09 street-art-brazil-epistrophy-08 cranio-street-art-brazil-epistrophy-03 cranio-street-art-brazil-epistrophy-04 cranio-street-art-brazil-epistrophy-05 cranio-street-art-brazil-epistrophy-06 cranio-street-art-brazil-epistrophy-07 cranio-street-art-brazil-epistrophy-02 cranio-street-art-brazil-epistrophy-01

We at Epistrophy love Cranio’s characters and will seriously address the fact that we haven’t featured his work earlier by giving you as much as we can from it! The work by the Brazilian artist Fabio Oliviera aka Cranio “Skull” is not only visually powerful but greatly politically charged with the issues of the indigenous population in Brazil.

He was born in 1982. The artist grew up in the north of Sao Paulo and it was in 1998 that Fabio … Read the rest

Large Scale Murals by Street Artist Bozko

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Bozko-Bozhidar-Simeonov-sofia-street-art-murals-epistrophy-02 Bozko-Bozhidar-Simeonov-sofia-street-art-murals-epistrophy-03 Bozko-Bozhidar-Simeonov-sofia-street-art-murals-epistrophy-04 Bozko-Bozhidar-Simeonov-sofia-street-art-murals-epistrophy-01 Bozko-Bozhidar-Simeonov-sofia-street-art-murals-epistrophy-06

Street artist Bozko has adorned the city of Sofia, Bulgaria with his distinct, large scale fictional characters who always seem to land themselves in unlikely predicaments.

As part of Sofia’s Urban Creatures festival which has been taking place every summer since 2011, Bozko created a gigantic mural on the side of a nine-story apartment building. It took Bozhidar Simeonov (aka Bozko) six days to complete the work which can be seen from several hundred feet away.

Urban Creatures – urban … Read the rest

Ephemeral Sculptures by artist Marti Moreno

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Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-01 Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-03 Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-08Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-09Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-10Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-11Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-12Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-13Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-05Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-06Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-07

Born in 1979 in Valencia, Spanish artist, Manuel Marti Moreno creates has created a body of work dealing directly with the transience of the bodily image. His dream-like, ephemeral sculptures made primarily of steel mechanical pieces create, and at the same time, deconstruct the body form alluding to its temporal nature and intrinsic relationship with the rest of the environment. Deliberately left open-ended, his bodies, composed of small varying in shape particles dissolve into their background to become just a … Read the rest

The Striking Black and White Photography of Guy Cohen

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guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-16 guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-15 guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-14guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-03guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-06guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-07guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-08guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-01guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-10guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-17guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-11guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-05

Guy Cohen produced these carefully composed and executed black and white images through while exploring different parts of the world such as the US, Australia, Norway and Romania. While many of the photographs were indeed taken abroad, the student in Jerusalem’s portfolio showcases a lot of significant sights in his hometown.

From snowy streets to striking tile patterns, Guy Cohen’s black and white images tell the story of a solitary wander around a city rich in history and culture.

The … Read the rest