Zach Dogherty’s latest Round of Animated Gifs

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zack_Dougherty_Epistrophy_01, Animated gifs, gif, Black vynil
Portland based Zach Dogherty has created this series of mesmerizing animated sequences featuring a large sculptural object (or the moon!) pulsating in the middle of a somewhat mundane setting. The powerful transformation that takes place pushes the boundaries of the two-dimensional image which was used as a starting point by a skillful choice of scale, movement and texture. The new objects start to tell a different story of a place and take us on a whimsical journey through art and … Read the rest

Xray-like Sculptures of Everyday Objects

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Do-Ho-Suh-Epistrophy-Sculpture-03, Bathtub
Korean artist Do-Ho Suh has constructed these very detailed, light-weight sculptures of his oven, toilet, bathtub and other fixtures found in his Manhattan apartment. All pieces are made of polyester fabric and appear weightless and translucent with a remarkable xray-like quality to them.… Read the rest

Fractal Ceramic Sculptures by Nuala O’Donovan

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Teasel_Noala_Odonovan_Epistrophy, Modern Art and Design, Sculpture Ceramics

Nuala O’Donovan produces these incredible fractal ceramic sculptures by aggregating regular forms in irregular patterns. She builds her pieces over a period of time – usually several weeks or months, allowing them to evolve naturally. The finished forms are a result of an intuitive response to the direction that the pattern takes as well as the irregularity in the handmade elements of the pattern, as the author describes.… Read the rest

Shadow City by Izabela Boloz

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Shadow City, Izabela Boloz, Copenhagen, Shadow Installation, Modern Art and Design, Epistrophy, Girl Watching

The rising sun is one of the biggest ingredients in Izabela Boloz’s installation that spans 100 meters along a picturesque lake in Copenhagen. The images that appear with the break of dawn and move across the colored wall are inspired by the city’s history and architecture. 52 different cutouts throw shadows that can be seen from up close as well as from the pontoon bridge spanning the lake.… Read the rest

Ai Weiwei Visits Toronto with a Huge Bicycle Installation

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Ai Weiwei, Toronto Nuit Blanche, Forever Bicycles, Bicycle Installation, Nathan Phillips Square, Epistrophy, Modern Art, Woman Watching

Acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has recently unveiled and impressive bicycle installation made of thousands (3,144 to be precise) of bicycles in Toronto. Part of the Nuit Blanche festival, the work will stay up until October 27 at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square. The bikes were shipped from China in specially prepared containers and take an impressive 100ft (width) by 30ft (height) in the square.… Read the rest

Stormtrooper Helmets Get an Artistic Makeover

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Star Wars, Stormtrooper Helmets, ArtWars, Saatchi Gallery, London, Blue With Flowers, Epistrophy, Modern Art

A group of British artists have taken the iconic Stormtrooper helmet to a new dimension by covering it in vibrant colors and patterns. The pieces are part of a show currently on view at London’s Saatchi Gallery (October 9-13) called Strarta. You can see the entire line-up of creations by artists including Damien Hirst at the specially created website Artwars which also gives great details about the project.… Read the rest

New Mural by Eduardo Kobra in L.A.

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Eduardo Kobra, LA Mural, Einstein, Street Art, Modern Art, Epistrophy, Eye, California
Brand new mural by acclaimed Brazilian graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra (previously featured here). This time in the streets of sunny Los Angeles, the artist has created a portrait of one of twentieth century’s biggest icons – Albert Einstein. Invited to North America by Mr. Brainwash – the special character in Banksy’s famous movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop” – Eduardo Kobra produced this magnificent artwork in La Brea Avenue, where he had previously done a┬áMount Rushmore piece in … Read the rest

Stunning 2013 Burning Man Time-lapse

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Danny Brown’s takes us on an enticing journey with his Burning Man time-lapse account of this year’s event. Form, lights and sound come to life as seductively as the real-life experience of being at the Playa. It’s interesting to note that this was Danny’s first time at Burning Man and he managed to capture the essence of the festival’s spirit. Part of the company responsible for the Burning Man called: Spark: A Burning Man Story, the cinematographer was commissioned … Read the rest