The Day Wonderland Stood Still – An Infrared Journey Through Philadelphia

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A stunning new video by Philadelphia based photographer Bruce Wayne. Shot with a yellow filter on, the infrared journey he takes us through his home city is definitely a one-of-a-kind visual experience. The strikingly colorful imagery of the urban streets are coupled with the equally powerful emptiness of the city. What happened to Philadelphia, why is everyone gone? The city stands still as though waiting for us to appreciate its beauty. … Read the rest

Flying Through Cities One Jump At A Time

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Tomasz, Gudzowaty, Essays, Epistrophy, NYC, Black and White Photography, Backflip

Beautiful black and white photo essays by Polish photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty, whose interest in the medium began with nature, moved through social documentary and for the past few years he’s been focusing on sports documentary. The subjects of the “Freerunning – The Art of Movement” are literally flying through cities and streets effortlessly, opening a new world of possibilities for experiencing their environment.… Read the rest

Colorful Prismacolor Portraits by Elle Wills

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Elle Wills, Portraits, Pretty Things Paper, Epistrophy, Pencil Drawings, Prismacolor, Blue Shirt
26 year old artist and tattoo apprentice from Brisbane, Australia has created a series of incredibly detailed portraits, rich in color and dimension by just using Prismacolor pencils and watercolors. According to her website, she specializes in “realism portraits and creations” and goes into a meditative and calm state of consciousness when with a pencil or paintbrush in hand. Elle’s prismacolor portraits successfully blend the subtle approach to portrait making and the art of tattoo design.… Read the rest

Sleeping Couples Caught in a Long Exposure Photographs

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Max_Olga/ Der Liebenden Schlaf, Long Exposure Photography, Sleeping Couples, Paul Schneggenburger, Epistrophy Beautifully executed photographs of sleeping couples and an excellent concept from Austrian photographer Paul Schneggenburger. “What happens at night when couples go to sleep?” The photographer wanted to find the answer by setting up a bed in his studio and a camera right above it. The couples were left on their own and asked to fall asleep as they would on a regular night. The scene was only lit by candle lights.… Read the rest

Bot & Dolly Take Projection Mapping to a New Dimension

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This amazing new video by San Francisco based design and engineering firm Bot & Dolly was produced without any After Effects with only a camera, projector, a robotic arm and a moving actor. The short film is the first one to combine all these techniques into a seamless, synchronized performance that could potentially be a game changer for projection mappin. Described by the creators as being both an “artistic statement and technical demonstration”, the film explores “the synthesis of real … Read the rest

Landscape Monolith Revisits Familiar Horizons

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Landscape_Monolith, Reynald Drouhin, Nature Scenes, Iceberg

Reynald Drouhin takes us to a different dimension with his monolith landscape series. By introducing a distinctly vertical object into what we are very used to seeing as a landscape – scenes of nature, he turns beautiful but familiar sights into unusual compositions. The seemingly simple gesture of flipping the horizon at the center of the panorama turns the entire image into a world of it’s own where different forces are at play.… Read the rest

Poster Identity Blends Bodies and Geometries

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Caroline Grohs, Motion Theater, Identity, Posters, Dance, Soul Kitchen

Great new poster identity designed for San Francisco’s Motion Theater. Created to showcase the theater’s line-up of dance movies, the poster series has been turned into an artwork of its own. German graphic designer Caroline Grohs, whose exquisite portfolio can be found here, mixes geometries and bodies-in-motion and the result is nothing short of spectacular.… Read the rest

Tribal Mysticism in Antonio Mora’s Dreamlike Photography

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Antonio Mora, Photography, Photo Manipulations, Art, Portrait and Landscape, Girl with Green

Spanish artist Antonio Mora masterfully blends portraits with landscapes and images from nature to create his dreamlike photography that takes us to new and yet familiar worlds. According to the author the series of images “open a crack in our collective memory allowing us to watch, though only [for an] instant, the hybrid beings who populate our deepest dreams.”… Read the rest