Mesmerizing Sound Oscillations by Zimoun Zweifel

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Great video showcasing the work of sound artist Zimoun who recently completed his visually and audibly pleasure-of-an-installation in an empty toluene (a type of chemical soluble) tank, originally built in 1951 in Switzerland. The permanent installation features 329 DC-motors with cotton balls attached to their ends producing a zen-like soundscape inside a pristinely white silo. The other sound oscillations by Zimoun Zweifel feature more super creative ways of using simple, off-the-shelf components to produce unexpected effects that stimulate all senses.… Read the rest

A Movie Made of 80,000 Photographs by Gioacchino Petronicce

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“Pictures” is a movie made of 80,000 photographs and shot over a period of 3 years in various cities around the world – Paris, Barcelona, Hossegor, Venezia, Toulouse, Martinique, New York City and Montpellier. The short film explores the relationship between photography and the photographer. It talks about the process of selection of the “right” and “perfect” shot that would describe the observed event in the best possible way. It captures the movement of the photographer and his search to … Read the rest

Stunning Map Portraits by Ed Fairburn

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Ed Fairburn, Map Portraits, Saatchi Gallery, Women, Grey and Black Map

Welsh artist Ed Fairburn has become well-known across Europe for his evocative portraits produced out of seemingly random patterns on topological and geographical maps. His skillful manipulation of streets and contour lines gives a very distinctive style to his work and the result is always unexpected and spectacular. Selecting carefully the maps he starts with, Ed Fairburn’s works draw an intriguing parallel between the organic relationship between natural formations, man-made infrastructure and the human body.… Read the rest

Motion in Air and The Future of Sports According to Photographer and CGI Artist Mike Campau

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Mike Campau takes photo retouching to an entirely new level with his dance and sport series Motion in Air and The Future of Sports (in collaboration with Tim Tadder). For the first he took photographs of dancers in their distinctive moves and then went onto his favorite 3D program to create the sculptural forms that responded best to their dance flow and style. He then wove the two images in a fascinating new dance form which not only brings out … Read the rest

2000 Individually Cut Silhouettes for the Video of “Katachi”

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2000 individually cut silhouettes for the video to the Japanese song “Katachi” by Shugo Tokumaru. The Polish duo which created it using a CNC router after designing and animated each piece in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. The shapes were all cut from 5mm thick poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) which was then painted in vibrant colors.… Read the rest

The Urban Characters of Brazilian Graffiti Artist Chivitz

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Chivitz Cor Ação Vândalo, Graffiti, Brazil
Brazilian artist Chivitz Cor Ação Vândalo has livened up a great deal of streets and urbanscapes around his home country. With a very distinctive style and urban style images of skateboarders dressed in cool outfits, his graffitis are easily recognizable around the streets of Rio. Urban characters and colorful cats, dogs and piglets enter into various predicaments on the walls around the city.… Read the rest

Railing Graffiti Art by Zebrating

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Railing Art, Zebrating, Parallax, Big Eye

German based duo Zebrating, has left their signature mark in cities around the globe. The best part about their work is that it can only be seen from a specific angle while walking around the city streets and if you are not paying enough attention, they are easy to miss. Using an approach similar to the ancient technique of anamorphosis, the railing graffiti art engage the viewer and change their appearance depending on the angle they are observed.… Read the rest

Aleph Fourth Way Music Video by Gero Doll

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This stunning new video was produced for the 19-year old Siberian born music artist Aleph. Coming out of a classical music training on the violin, he just recently turned to electronic music. Part of the Canadian King Deluxe label, the young new musician collaborated with another young artist – 26-year old Namibian-born Gero Doll. Animator and designer, he currently resides in Berlin, Germany and is also known under the name of Limbicnation. Aleph fourth way was produced … Read the rest