Nendo designs a new series of chocolate truffles

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Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-01 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-02 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-03 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-04 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-05 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-06 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-07 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-08 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-09 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-10 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-11 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-12 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-13

Prolific and talented Japanese design studio Nendo, whose work we’ve featured several times at Epistrophy recently unveiled a line of edible chocolate truffles. Cleverly titled Chocolatexture, the nine distinct sculptural shapes each feature a special flavor of cocoa and a very memorable corresponding name.
Oki Sato, leader of the Milan and Tolyo-based company Nendo, stated: “The 9 different types of chocolate are made within the same size, 26x26x26mm, featuring pointed tips, hollow interiors, smooth or rough surface textures.” “And while … Read the rest

Dear Readers

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We created Epistrophy as a space where art, architecture, music and design can influence each-other and build off of the knowledge that each of those fields acquires daily.  We believe that such a ground for exchanging ideas is critical for their advancement, and that’s why we don’t share just what is viral on the web but projects and articles that always have a spatial component to them, challenge the status quo and are visually arresting.

We need help in finding … Read the rest

The Cube By Oyler Wu Collaborative

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Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-01 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-02 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-03 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-04 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-05 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-06 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-07 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-08

Oyler Wu Collective:

“The proposal is aimed at creating a three-dimensional spatial experience to activate the urban environment, one that capitalizes directly on the inherent spatial characteristics of line. By using a semi-repetitious field of twisting “surfaces,” the proposal moves back and forth between complex field and coherent geometric pattern. Ultimately, we’re interested in the transcendence of line into a completely engulfing experience- one that can be occupied as a kind of three-dimensional drawing. This ambition is aimed at creating Read the rest

Beautifully Abstract Video by studio Zeitguised

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We are happy to have stumbled upon another cool project by Zeitguised (previous one here) on Epistrophy.

Zeitguised is a studio for contemporary art. Founded in 2001 by American sculpture and fashion designer Jamie Raap and German architect Henrik Mauler, their collective crafts unique, cryptic and texture-juxtaposing digital creations that are both organic and mechanical in nature.

“The cloud theme predominates Zeitguised’s work: a transitionary, metastable cloud that is nothing – yet becomes anything. A swarming system that shows Read the rest