Incredibly detailed NYC Skyline Drawings by Pat Vale

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Colossus by Pat Vale from BigAnimal on Vimeo.

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Patrick Vale – a UK based artist has produced another one of his incredible NYC skyline drawings and taken a stunning video record of it with the video entitled “Colossus”. The vantage point for his super detailed and intricate drawing is the viewing deck at Rockefeller Center, which according to experienced tourists is one of the best high points to experience the density and whole vide of the city. Patrick took … Read the rest

Not just another travel video: GO Video

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Accidentally came across this awesome video “GO” by Joshua Morin while researching Indonesia. Stunning visuals and a great talent in video making comes across in this short account of a trip from Dubai to Indonesia. The transition at 0:40 is one of my favorite parts of this video by the end is quite worth it too. Great attention to detail and capture of the essence of the place.

Shot with Sony A7s and Nikon D5200. Music by Helios… Read the rest

Typeholics break it down with a new music video

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A weekend treat for all music people with these sleek beats and an awesome motion graphics video. Super simple concept brought about in a terrific package with just a vinyl record and a Technics turntable.

Lary “future deutsche welle” animated-picture-disc designed by Performed by lary, released on chimperator, filmed and edited by Only visible through a camera with high shutter speed or with strobelight.

Via Vimeo.… Read the rest

Paper Animation by Nils Knoblich

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Absolutely beautiful short film by illustrator, comic book artist and animation filmmaker Nils Knoblich.

A prisoner receives the message that his old father needs help with tilling the field. In his desperate situation the prisoner suddenly has the idea to use the guards to till his dad’s land.

In this paper crafted animation short cardboard box characters tell a story about the relationship between a dad and his son. It’s a parable about the assignment of roles of parents and Read the rest

New Movement Collective Transforms an Inactive Chapel into a Performance Space

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new-movement-collective-estela-merlos-epistrophy-01 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-02 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-03 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-04 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-05 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-06

Be sure to check out the awesome video of this striking performance by New Movement Collective. The UK based performance troupe was commissioned by the new arts organization Stone nest to mark the end of a period of inactivity for a Grade II listed chapel in London.

Dance, architecture, animation and interactive light technologies blend in a powerful mix to recreate the adventures in Homer’s classic work, The Odyssey. In the spirit of the highly successful “Sleep No More” performance … Read the rest

Angkor Mandala Sequence by Antal Gabelics

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Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics


Photo Courtesy of Antal Gabelics

Antal Gabelics: “This project expands on the idea of how tourism affects the spiritual experience of the temples of Angkor. I wanted to explore the interrelation of traditional past and developing present at Angkor, and questions what they mean for the future of this historical Read the rest

Beautifully Abstract Video by studio Zeitguised

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We are happy to have stumbled upon another cool project by Zeitguised (previous one here) on Epistrophy.

Zeitguised is a studio for contemporary art. Founded in 2001 by American sculpture and fashion designer Jamie Raap and German architect Henrik Mauler, their collective crafts unique, cryptic and texture-juxtaposing digital creations that are both organic and mechanical in nature.

“The cloud theme predominates Zeitguised’s work: a transitionary, metastable cloud that is nothing – yet becomes anything. A swarming system that shows Read the rest

Walking City by Universal Everything

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Video production company Universal Everything has produced an incredible new video morphing human movement and geometric form, called Walking City. Well worth watching the whole film and enjoy the seamless transition between the metamorphoses.

“Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters.”

Previously featured works by Universal Everything … Read the rest