Captivating Double Exposure Portraits

Double Exposure Portraits

Double Exposure Portraits

Double Exposure Portraits

“Under the waves”, the latest project by the talented 21-year old photographer Aneta Ivanova, based in Varna Bulgaria, features the author’s emblematic double exposure portraits, just this time blended with shots of the Black sea. The photos, bursting with emotion and elusive nostalgia, feature the author and her two sisters.

Aneta discovered the magic of photography at the age of 13 and has been polishing her craft ever since. She specializes in experimental self-portraiture, most often taken in the privacy of own home. Although young, Aneta demonstrates great talent and limitless imagination. Her work has been featured in print and digital magazines worldwide.

Below, you can enjoy some of Aneta’s earlier work, also focused on double exposure portraiture. Mostly executed in black and white and very personal, the double exposed portraits stun the viewer with seamless blend of architecture, nature and people.

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Double Exposure Portraits


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