Eerie Photos from deserted snowy NYC












The “biggest snowstorm in New York’s history” turned out to be a giant flop but apparently something did come out of it. Vivienne Gucwa who’s been photographing the city for over a decade captured these extremely rare images of city streets completely empty of people and cars.

In Vivienne’s own words: “What made this storm stand out versus other storms was that there was a ban on all vehicles aside from snow plows and emergency services. This meant that there were almost no cars on the streets. I have been photographing New York City during snowstorms for the last five years and it’s the first time I have ever experienced streets that were eerily empty. There wasn’t even the comforting presence of taxi cabs in the streets!

“The few people who were out were freely wandering in the middle of typically busy avenues and streets which made this storm extra special and fun to experience.

“New York City is a city that is constantly evolving in one way or the other. Having grown up in New York City, there is a palpable tension that I have experienced my whole life where nostalgia constantly bumps heads with the rapid rate of change that occurs in every aspect of life here. I absolutely love this tension. It makes photographing and writing about the city a bittersweet challenge.”

Via MyModernMet

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