Floating Dancers Installation at New York's Lincoln Center


dustin-yellin-NYC-ballet-lincoln-center-Epistrophy-01 dustin-yellin-NYC-ballet-lincoln-center-Epistrophy-02 dustin-yellin-NYC-ballet-lincoln-center-Epistrophy-03 dustin-yellin-NYC-ballet-lincoln-center-Epistrophy-04 dustin-yellin-NYC-ballet-lincoln-center-Epistrophy-05

New York City Ballet has chosen Brooklyn based artist Dustin Yellin to fill in the central hall as part of this year’s installation series. Each of the fifteen glass cubes is made of individual layers of glass, painstakingly painted and put together with mixed media, one by one to form a striking three-dimensional drawing which appears to be floating in the transparent volume. The artist’s distinct style of painting and collage, which resembles explosions of motion and color convey the act of performing – an expressive depiction of dedication to the audience.

The crystalline objects glowing in main space of the David H. Koch will be the center piece of this winter’s series and visitors will get a chance to walk around them freely.

Make sure to watch the video which not only gives a great insight on the process of this layering of images into three-dimensional form but also talks about the concepts and references that the artist makes through this work.

Via Dustin Yellin and Designboom

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