Hypnotizing Video Combines Water, Ink and Slow Motion Shots

Beautiful new slow-motion video produced by the Macro Room team. All shots produced without computer effects. Just a tank of water, paint and a lot of imagination! Make sure to check out the team’s other videos which are just as mesmerizing.

Macro-Room-Video-Ink-Gif-Epistrophy-01 Macro-Room-Video-Ink-Gif-Epistrophy-03 Macro-Room-Video-Ink-Gif-Epistrophy-03 Macro-Room-Video-Ink-Gif-Epistrophy-04
Macro-Room-Video-Ink-Image-Epistrophy-01 Macro-Room-Video-Ink-Image-Epistrophy-02 Macro-Room-Video-Ink-Image-Epistrophy-03 Macro-Room-Video-Ink-Image-Epistrophy-04

Via Petapixel

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