Immersive Dining Experience in Tokyo's Ginza District by Teamlab

Welcome to the next level of restaurant experience. Japanese interactive digital studio teamLab has created a fully immersive dining space in Tokyo’s famous Ginza district. Only 8 people are served at a time and you have to make a reservation far in advance but when you sit down at the table – a whole new world opens in front of your senses. Through the use of carefully set up projectors, teamLab was able to recreate the changing of seasons and to also make a visual connection between the food being served and the environment in which it’s being consumed. Undoubtedly, the people who sit down to be part of this sensory adventure have an experience that’s beyond dining, something probably similar to what our ancestors experienced when finding their food directly in nature.

The special immersive dining room is set up in the Sagaya Ginza restaurant in Tokyo.

The interactive projections respond to the changing of plates and people’s movements.

In teamLab’s words: “When a dish is placed on the table, the world contained within the dish is unleashed, unfolding onto the table and into the surrounding space. The worlds unleashed from each dish connect in the external space creating a new larger world. The worlds unleashed are affected by the other dishes on the table.”

“For example, a bird released from one dish can perch on the branch of a tree unleashed from another. The trees that grow from each dish are not identical; their sizes and shapes are affected by the worlds unleashed by the other dishes on the table. These unleashed worlds are also affected by your behavior. If you stand still, a tiny bird might alight on your hand; if you move suddenly, it might fly away.”

The team of artists has done a number of installations exploring the intersection between the digital and physical world. Some of those, you can see here.

Via teamLab and Designboom