New Movement Collective Transforms an Inactive Chapel into a Performance Space

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Be sure to check out the awesome video of this striking performance by New Movement Collective. The UK based performance troupe was commissioned by the new arts organization Stone nest to mark the end of a period of inactivity for a Grade II listed chapel in London.

Dance, architecture, animation and interactive light technologies blend in a powerful mix to recreate the adventures in Homer’s classic work, The Odyssey. In the spirit of the highly successful “Sleep No More” performance in NYC, the Nest engages the audience and places them in the center of the action. Through movement and light the spectators discover simultaneously new chapters of the story as well as hidden spaces of the medieval chapel.

About NMC:

A collective of new generation choreographers with a long collaborative working history, both as dancers and dance-makers with Europe’s leading ballet and contemporary companies.

Developing work that is directly presented in response to different and unusual theatrical settings, NMC aims to challenge the notions of traditional performance and evolve the landscape of contemporary theatre.

With a strong commitment to collaborative working methods between dance, architecture, film and music, NMC is dedicated to unlocking the performance potential within the hidden pockets of our cities.

Via New Movement Collective.

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