Time Is A Dimension - New Photo Series By Fong Qi Wei

Changi Beach Sunrise 02, 2013, Photo Series, Fong Qi WeiChinatown Sunset, 2013, Photo Series, Fong Qi Wei

National Day Preview 2013. All Rights Reserved, Photo Series, Fong Qi WeiChangi Beach Sunset, 2013, Photo Series, Fong Qi WeiFong Qi Wei_6_small, Photo Series, Fong Qi WeiFong Qi Wei_7_small, Photo Series, Fong Qi Wei

The beauty of photography and its popularity as a medium stem from its intrinsic nature to freeze time. And yet, one of the hardest projects a photographer can embark on is the task to capture time. Fong Qi Wei successfully managed the challenge in his new photo series called Time is a dimension. The photos feature primarily landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes, made from sequences spanning 2-4 hours, mostly of sunrises and sunsets. While the familiar structure of urban landscape is present in every piece, each layer in the image conveys a different slice of time, closely related to its neighboring layers.

Fong Qi Wei’s work present the urban reality not as snapshot but rather as an experience constructed by a flow of events.

Via Fong Qi Wei’s website

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