Rare brain images show the intricacy of inner connections

Have you ever seen such intricately detailed and colorful brain images? Some of us may have come across murky MRI images in the past but neuroscientist and artist Dr. Greg Dunn working with Dr. Brian Edwards have taken them to new heights. Through a complex and labor-intensive process of layering gold leaves onto thin neurons, he’s been able to portray a marvelously intertwined nature of the human brain.

Each neuron has been micro-etched and a total of 1,750, 22k gold sheets were used in the process. All done by hand.


Dr. Greg Dunn writes: Self Reflected offers an unprecedented insight of the brain into itself, revealing through a technique called reflective microetching the enormous scope of beautiful and delicately balanced neural choreographies designed to reflect what is occurring in our own minds as we observe this work of art.

..Self Reflected was created to remind us that the most marvelous machine in the known universe is at the core of our being and is the root of our shared humanity.

Self Reflected – A Look Inside Your Mind from Will Drinker on Vimeo.

You can order specially signed and numbered prints through his website here.

Via MyModernMet and Greg Dunn’s website.