Cameraman is Replaced by Robotic Arm in This Incredible Paint Ad

Just another CGI commercial? Well, look again: there was absolutely no computer animation used in this video. It seems like this may just be the best used robotic arm in the film making industry so far. The incredible shots were produced by the combined talents of McKinney and PSYOP, both experts in the making of digital media reels.

The film-makers used only water and Sherwin-Williams Emerald paint for the shots


The ad, dubbed “Epiphany,” was made possible with help from a robot arm called Spike, whose precision guidance system helped control camera movement at high rates of speed, even underwater. A Phantom camera, mounted to Spike, shot footage at 900 to 4,000 frames per second, enabling you to see colors splashing together, and creating beautiful shapes and psychedelic combinations that the human eye can appreciate.


The robotic arm was precision guided in a 400-gallon (approximately 1,514 liters) tank to produce the footage.

To better appreciate the technical mastery rolled into these 30 seconds, a two-minute making-of details every last anxious moment. For some, it may prove more compelling than the ad itself, because you can see the way water actually interacts with Emerald. The massive machine that is Spike also makes an appearance.

Via Petapixel

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