Air Superiority by ManvsMachine

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Nike-air-superiority-epistrophy-03-video-sport-shoes Nike-air-superiority-epistrophy-04-video-sport-shoes Nike-air-superiority-epistrophy-05-video-sport-shoes Nike-air-superiority-epistrophy-07-video-sport-shoes Nike-air-superiority-epistrophy-08-video-sport-shoes Nike-air-superiority-epistrophy-09-manvsmachine-video-sport-shoes Nike-air-superiority-epistrophy-10-manvsmachine-video-sport-shoes Nike-air-superiority-epistrophy-11-manvsmachine-video-sport-shoes

ManvsMachine is an independent design & motion studio based in London, England.

Since opening its doors in early 2007, ManvsMachine has grown into a multi award winning, multi national team of creative specialists directing & producing globally acclaimed branding, commercials, animation and film.

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Zach Dogherty’s latest Round of Animated Gifs

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zack_Dougherty_Epistrophy_01, Animated gifs, gif, Black vynil
Portland based Zach Dogherty has created this series of mesmerizing animated sequences featuring a large sculptural object (or the moon!) pulsating in the middle of a somewhat mundane setting. The powerful transformation that takes place pushes the boundaries of the two-dimensional image which was used as a starting point by a skillful choice of scale, movement and texture. The new objects start to tell a different story of a place and take us on a whimsical journey through art and … Read the rest

3D Typography Worlds by Foreal

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Foreal, Typography, Advertising, Hier Roads

Advertising specialist duo Benjamin Simon & Dirk Schuster, based in Tier Germany has created these small worlds for advertising campaigns and promotional prints for companies ranging from music to the car manufacturers. Great attention to little details, vibrant colors and textures arranged in extraordinary compositions – these can all describe the appeal of Foreal’s 3D typography.… Read the rest

Maiko Gubler’s Mixed Media Realities

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The Berlin based artist skillfully mixes virtual and real world techniques to create objects on the border of the surreal. According to her website, she is “interested in the indefiniteness of mixed realities, categories and disciplines and is compelled to embrace the virtual as actual.”

Via Maiko Gubler’s website

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