Absolutely Spectacular NYC Aerial Shots by Vincent Laforet

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vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_02vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_01 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_04vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_03 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_06vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_05 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_07 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_08 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_09vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_11 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_manhattan_10

Photographer Vincent Laforet climbed 7,500 feet (2,300 meters) above Manhattan to take these incredible aerial shots in what he describes was the most dangerous flight he’d ever taken. Helicopters are just not aerodynamic enough to hover steadily at such high altitudes but the results of this adventure are clearly more than worth it. He’s given us a rarely seen perspective of the wholeness of the city with its tangled streets in the downtown area and the highly defined grid of … Read the rest

Kite mounted Camera Captures unusual Aerial Photographs

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gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-01 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-02 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-03 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-04 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-05 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-06 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-07 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-08 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-09 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-10 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-11 gerco-de-ruijter-aerial-photography-epistrophy-kite-mounted-images-12

We’ve previously featured several aerial photography projects on Epistrophy (here, here and here) but Gerco De Ruijter’s images caught our attention with their beautiful simplicity and attention to subtle detail. Attached to a kite or a large fishing rod, the shots are taken from a vantage point similar to what a bird flying low would see while looking down onto the earth’s surface. The aerial photographs were all taken in the stark landscapes of Iceland and some … Read the rest

Scaling The Rooftops of Famous European Landmarks

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Vadim Mahorov, Vitaly Raskalov, European Landmarks, Rooftops, Above Photography, Cologne Cathedral with Legs


Russian duo Vadim Mahorov and Vitaly Raskalov decided to take a different approach to their tourist trip around famous European sites. They climbed to the very top of cathedrals and skyscrapers to take these breathtaking (to say the least) photographs that show an astoundingly new perspective of places we’ve seen many times before. They visited twelve cities in a month, traveling from Sweden to Portugal and climbing to the rooftops of famous European landmarks.… Read the rest

Aerial Photography Patterns by Stephan Zirwes

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Stuttgart based photographer Stephan Zirwes finds intricate patterning in his aerial explorations of natural to industrial sites. The imagery he creates are graphically rich as abstract textural portraits of space but after close examination they reveal people at work or at play as well as socio-political issues like exclusion and environmental pollution. Zirwes has exhibited his aerial photography patterns internationally in galleries and museums such as SF Moma, and won prestigious awards inclduing the Hasselblad Masters 2010 Award.

Via Stephen Read the rest