Breathtaking Photographs of Dancers in Motion

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dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-03 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-01 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-02 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-04 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-05 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-06 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-07 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-08 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-09 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-10 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-11 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-12 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-13 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-14 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-15


We love this incredible series of images show the amazing attention to detail and strive for perfection by dancers amidst their passionate performances. Photography at its best, these stills let us savor a powerful moment of each motion which would otherwise go by very, very quickly. With the addition of flour thrown in the air, Yakovlev gives another dimension to his images and shows the space his dancers fill with their graceful movements.

Alexander Yakovlev is based in Moscow … Read the rest

Powdered Milk Angels by Jeffrey Vanhoutte

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jeffrey-vanhoutte-dancers-powdered-milk-epistrophy-01 jeffrey-vanhoutte-dancers-powdered-milk-epistrophy-02 jeffrey-vanhoutte-dancers-powdered-milk-epistrophy-03




jeffrey-vanhoutte-dancers-powdered-milk-epistrophy-07 jeffrey-vanhoutte-dancers-powdered-milk-epistrophy-08

Belgian photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte has turned a simple milk creamer ad campaign into an extraordinary piece of art. He teamed up with dancer Noi Pakon to create a series of breath-taking photographs exploring motion, stillness, shadow and form. The powdered creamer produced by the Dutch company Kievit was used as a medium – fine granules of milk – to describe and enhance the movements of the dancer in space. In some of the last images and the video which was … Read the rest

New Movement Collective Transforms an Inactive Chapel into a Performance Space

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new-movement-collective-estela-merlos-epistrophy-01 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-02 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-03 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-04 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-05 new-movement-collective-nest-epistrophy-06

Be sure to check out the awesome video of this striking performance by New Movement Collective. The UK based performance troupe was commissioned by the new arts organization Stone nest to mark the end of a period of inactivity for a Grade II listed chapel in London.

Dance, architecture, animation and interactive light technologies blend in a powerful mix to recreate the adventures in Homer’s classic work, The Odyssey. In the spirit of the highly successful “Sleep No More” performance … Read the rest

Poster Identity Blends Bodies and Geometries

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Caroline Grohs, Motion Theater, Identity, Posters, Dance, Soul Kitchen

Great new poster identity designed for San Francisco’s Motion Theater. Created to showcase the theater’s line-up of dance movies, the poster series has been turned into an artwork of its own. German graphic designer Caroline Grohs, whose exquisite portfolio can be found here, mixes geometries and bodies-in-motion and the result is nothing short of spectacular.… Read the rest

Break Dancing in The Middle of a Shopping Alley

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Film-maker Thomas Siemieniec has created this breath-taking break dancing video in collaboration with Bboy Marcio. Set in a shopping bazaar this slow-motion video shows the tremendous talent of the dancer and also the high-level of sophistication of the moves he’s performing. Part of a group of dancers called “Flying Steps”, the Paris based Marcio is “currently one of the best break dancers in the world”, according to their website. The company was founded in 1993 in Berlin and ever … Read the rest

Digital Dance Performance Blurs the Line Between Physical and Augmented Reality

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An artful dance piece blurs the line between the physical world and augmented reality. By adding a digital layer to the performance, the artists were able to create a new understanding of the piece and the dancer’s interaction with the space on stage.

From the authors Adrien M / Claire B:

“Hakanaï is a haiku dance performance taking place in a cube of moving images projected live by a digital performer.

In Japanese, this word Hakanaï is the union of … Read the rest