String Jungle Gym by Numen For Use

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Numen For Use: “Prototype of a self supporting inhabitable social sculpture.

The installation is based on production system of large geometric inflated objects. Since the physical behavior of fluids tend to make all inflates spherical, thin parallel ropes are tied on opposite sides of the volume, keeping them parallel to one another. Filigree interiors of this technically invented system are never exposed to public.

When the volume deflates, the ropes get loose and lay on the ground enabling compression of Read the rest

Landscape Chair by Eduardo Baroni

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Rocking in an armchair seems so naturally in Eduardo Baroni’s “Mamulengo”. The Brazil based designer created the piece for furniture company Elon using a computer generated model of compiled ergonomic data. A CNC machine was then used to cut the plywood slats to exact shape which were then carefully lacquered to produce this seamless landscape chair.… Read the rest

Wooden Handbags by Tesler + Mendelovitch

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These architectural looking, artisanal “wood skin” clutches are constructed from 100% wood + leather lining. The geometric surface design provides necessary flexibility and is soft to the touch, at once both delicate and wear resilient. Timeless yet innovative these wooden handbags can surely make for a great accent.… Read the rest

Slice Ping Pong Table

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Brooklyn based Architecture and Design practice Snarkitecture has created a uniquely inverted landscape ping pong table. The apparent practicality and utilitarian flatness of the play-surface is juxtaposed to the free flow of the profiles underneath. Painted in black the table becomes a mysterious object playing with the fine line between order and chaos.

Via Snarkitecture

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