Beautiful Floating Murals by Sean Yoro aka HULA

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hula_outside_epistrophy_01 hula_outside_epistrophy_02 hula_outside_epistrophy_03 hula_outside_epistrophy_04 hula_outside_epistrophy_05 hula_outside_epistrophy_06 hula_outside_epistrophy_07 hula_outside_epistrophy_08 hula_outside_epistrophy_09 hula_outside_epistrophy_10 hula_outside_epistrophy_11

Artist Sean Yoro aka Hula uses his paddle boat to get to and float on while creating his unique portraits. Placed on hard-to-reach, semi-submerged and derelict walls, the paintings appear to be floating murals of women bathing in the blue waters. With their hyperrealistic qualities, the images can be seen and recognized from a great distance and their perfect reflections in the still waters they make a unique sight in its setting.
Originally from Hawaii, Sean Yoro aka Hula is … Read the rest

Old concrete plant in Vancouver gets a revamp by Os Gemeos

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Vancouver, concrete plant, graffiti, epistrophy 1 os gemeos, vancouver, concrete plant, graffiti, epistrophy 2 os gemeos, vancouver, concrete plant, graffiti, epistrophy 3 os gemeos, vancouver, concrete plant, graffiti, epistrophy 4 os gemeos, vancouver, concrete plant, graffiti, epistrophy 5 os gemeos, vancouver, concrete plant, graffiti, epistrophy 6 os gemeos, vancouver, concrete plant, graffiti, epistrophy 7 os gemeos, vancouver, concrete plant, graffiti, epistrophy 8

Os Gemeos have done it again and this time more successful than ever. As part of the Vancouver Biennale they were commissioned to let their imaginations loose on an old concrete factory. Visible from a newly developed part of the city, the silos turned instantly into six of the distinct characters Os Gemeos have turned into a staple in the past years. The murals are located on the six gigantic industrial Ocean Concrete silos on Vancouver’s Granville Island – a … Read the rest

Large Scale Murals by Street Artist Bozko

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Bozko-Bozhidar-Simeonov-sofia-street-art-murals-epistrophy-02 Bozko-Bozhidar-Simeonov-sofia-street-art-murals-epistrophy-03 Bozko-Bozhidar-Simeonov-sofia-street-art-murals-epistrophy-04 Bozko-Bozhidar-Simeonov-sofia-street-art-murals-epistrophy-01 Bozko-Bozhidar-Simeonov-sofia-street-art-murals-epistrophy-06

Street artist Bozko has adorned the city of Sofia, Bulgaria with his distinct, large scale fictional characters who always seem to land themselves in unlikely predicaments.

As part of Sofia’s Urban Creatures festival which has been taking place every summer since 2011, Bozko created a gigantic mural on the side of a nine-story apartment building. It took Bozhidar Simeonov (aka Bozko) six days to complete the work which can be seen from several hundred feet away.

Urban Creatures – urban … Read the rest

Exquisite Large Scale Murals by Etam Cru

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Richmond, VA


Sofia, Bulgaria


Lodz, Poland


Warsaw, Poland


Halle, Germany


Vienna, Austria


Lodz, Poland


Kazan, Russia


Ingolstadt, Germany


Lodz, Poland


Bydgoszcz, Poland


Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland


Szczecin, Poland


Acrylic on paper

Street art duo Bezt and Sainer from Etam Cru have traveled the world to find gloomy, empty walls on which to create their exquisite murals. The Polish duo primarily works across Eastern Europe but has also created graffitis in Portugal, France, Austria, Germany and the US.

The fictional characters that … Read the rest

Exquisite Geisha Graffiti by Hush

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hush-geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-01, illustration, graffiti hush-geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-02, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-03, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-04, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-05, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-06, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-07, illustration, graffiti hush-geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-08, illustration, graffiti hush-geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-09, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-10, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-11, illustration geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-12, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-13, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-14, illustration, graffiti geisha-street-art-thepistrophy-15, illustration, graffiti

Street artist Hush explores the relationship of fine art and street graffiti with his Geisha series. The artist is also interested in the way visual styles from the East meet those from the West. After spending a number of years in Japan as a toy artist, Hush returned to his home – the UK to produce a series of solo works and collaborations that have been on the radar of high-profile collectors.

Hush has exhibited in solo and group shows … Read the rest

Colorful Street Art by Seth Globepainter

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seth-street-art-epistrophy-01, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-02, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-03, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-04, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-05, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-06, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-07, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-08, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-09, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-10, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-12, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-14, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-15, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-16, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-17, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-18, graffiti, street art seth-street-art-epistrophy-19, graffiti, street art

French muralist Seth Globepainter lives up to his artistic name and travels the world to adorn city walls with his colorful graffiti works. Without a specific political agenda, he paints images of children opening up through their curiosity colorful and interesting worlds which oftentimes are occupied by magical and dreamlike creatures. Through his work, he aspires to engage adults to reconnect with those worlds and once again be inspired to dream freely and in full color.

Murals done in the … Read the rest

Buenos Aires Street Art by Georgina Ciotti

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georgina-ciotti-street-art-epistrophy-01 georgina-ciotti-street-art-epistrophy-04georgina-ciotti-street-art-epistrophy-02 georgina-ciotti-street-art-epistrophy-03georgina-ciotti-street-art-epistrophy-05georgina-ciotti-street-art-epistrophy-07georgina-ciotti-street-art-epistrophy-08georgina-ciotti-street-art-epistrophy-06georgina-ciotti-street-art-epistrophy-09 georgina-ciotti-street-art-epistrophy-10

Georgina Ciotti discovered her passion for the arts at an early age, and developed her talents through studying drawing, sculpture, design, illustration and special effects. From 1999 to 2009 she lived in Barcelona where her work in design and special effects caught the attention of Guillermo del Toro, who invited her to create mythical creatures for Hellboy I and II, and the Oscar winning film Pan’s Labrinth .

Ciotti first began painting in the streets in the early 2000s, whilst … Read the rest

Banksy and Os Gemeos Team up For a NYC Street Exhibit

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Banksy and Os Gemeos, NYC, Epistrophy, Chelsea, High-line, Exhibit, Red Scarf
Banksy and Os Gemeos, NYC, Epistrophy, Chelsea, High-line, Exhibit, Uniform Cop Banksy and Os Gemeos, NYC, Epistrophy, Chelsea, High-line, Exhibit, Paintings Hanging

Two (or should we say three) of the biggest street art names for the past few years have teamed up to create an “exhibition” in New York’s Chelsea district. The well-selected location by Banksy and Os Gemeos right – underneath the High-line – creates an impression both of something well planned or curated and spontaneous “tagging”. Creates as an antithesis to crowded museums, the artists have placed their work outside for all passersby to enjoy.

An observation bench is part … Read the rest

Grass Graffiti Growing on Walls

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Anna Garforth, Moss Graffiti, Epistrophy, Urban Art, Grow, Nature Graffiti, Grass Graffiti

Unlike traditional graffiti works, Anna Garforth’s evolving moss-covered wall typographies uses a novel medium which is not only a personal expression but adds a living organisms to man-made environments. The grass graffiti are also environmentally and urban friendly – once the message is conveyed, they disappear naturally.… Read the rest

Parking Lot Mural by Everfresh Studio

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Rone from Everfresh (site full of great graffiti work) Studio recently completed this large mural near a parking lot in Portland, Oregon. This fantastic video shows us the process of creating the work which took three days to complete. Shot with multiple cameras and showing different angles of the space, the video is so well composed that it brings about the artwork in the best possible light. The parking lot mural was created for the Forrest for the Trees festival … Read the rest