Typeholics break it down with a new music video

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A weekend treat for all music people with these sleek beats and an awesome motion graphics video. Super simple concept brought about in a terrific package with just a vinyl record and a Technics turntable.

Lary “future deutsche welle” animated-picture-disc designed by typeholics.com. Performed by lary, released on chimperator, filmed and edited by paulsboutique.tv. Only visible through a camera with high shutter speed or with strobelight.

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The Sound of Taste by Grey London

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Schwartz-Unleash-Flavour-Sound-of-Taste-Epistrophy-01 Schwartz-Unleash-Flavour-Sound-of-Taste-Epistrophy-02 Schwartz-Unleash-Flavour-Sound-of-Taste-Epistrophy-03 Schwartz-Unleash-Flavour-Sound-of-Taste-Epistrophy-04 Schwartz-Unleash-Flavour-Sound-of-Taste-Epistrophy-05 Schwartz-Unleash-Flavour-Sound-of-Taste-Epistrophy-06 Schwartz-Unleash-Flavour-Sound-of-Taste-Epistrophy-07

Several tons of black peppercorns, cardamom, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, chili and coriander were rigged to explode in perfect sync with a bespoke musical composition. Each explosion represents an individual piano note or chord, which when filmed at high speed, creates a surreal three dimensional soundscape.

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For Those Who See – Installation by Daniel Schulze

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for-those-who-see-daniel-schulze-epistrophy-01, sound installation, fog, japan media arts festival for-those-who-see-daniel-schulze-epistrophy-02, sound installation, fog, japan media arts festival for-those-who-see-daniel-schulze-epistrophy-03, sound installation, fog, japan media arts festival for-those-who-see-daniel-schulze-epistrophy-04, sound installation, fog, japan media arts festival

This amazing new sound/sculpture installation was a jury recommended work for the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival. The work creates a field of exploding fog clouds through the strategical use of music speakers to push them out. The possibilities of this technology seem infinite and they really remind us of the waterfall graphic print technology that has been around for some time now.

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“What Does Music Look Like” – 3D Paintings By Martin Klimas

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Martin Klimas, Music Visualization, 3D Pollock, 3D Paint, 8

The incredible 3D paintings produced by German photgrapher Martin Klimas make a direct reference to Jackson Pollock’s expressive works. Just as vibrant and charged with energy, the photographer has captured the motion of sound through space by exposing a colorful membrane to the sound of music. A powerful speaker is installed, drips of paint are poured over a flexible surface above it and the sound is turned up. The result is a colorful dance of color across the canvass (photo … Read the rest

Sola Rosa Delivers Big With A New Studio Album

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After the success of Get It Together and its accompanying remix album, the New Zealand collective Sola Rosa strikes again with the release of their new album – Low and Behold High and Beyond – another record jammed full of thick bass lines, adept musicianship and tight production.

From a humble, self-released one man project started by Andrew Spraggon, Sola Rosa has grown to a live collective of international repute. Successfully blending hip hop, reggae, jazz, latin, soul and funk, … Read the rest

Light, Sound and Video Installation by Daniel Schwartz

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Live audiovisual performance by electronic musician Edisonnoside and visual artist Daniel Schwarz.
Dark, blurry electronic music and non-linear rhythms meld with hypnotic, abstract visuals, superimposed on a matrix of rods.
Image and sound go hand in hand -each influences the other, feeds off the other- and in this fusion, play with the perception of space and reality.

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