Nendo designs a new series of chocolate truffles

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Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-01 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-02 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-03 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-04 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-05 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-06 Chocolate-Nendo-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-07 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-08 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-09 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-10 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-11 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-12 Chocolate-Sculptural-Truffles-Epistrophy-13

Prolific and talented Japanese design studio Nendo, whose work we’ve featured several times at Epistrophy recently unveiled a line of edible chocolate truffles. Cleverly titled Chocolatexture, the nine distinct sculptural shapes each feature a special flavor of cocoa and a very memorable corresponding name.
Oki Sato, leader of the Milan and Tolyo-based company Nendo, stated: “The 9 different types of chocolate are made within the same size, 26x26x26mm, featuring pointed tips, hollow interiors, smooth or rough surface textures.” “And while … Read the rest

Nendo Rethinks the Ancient Art of Making Chopsticks

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chopsticks-for-Hashikura-Matsukan-epistrophy-01, multicolor, details, hanatabaNendo-chopsticks-for-Hashikura-Matsukan-epistrophy-02, hanataba
Hanataba: Round chopsticks are slippery to use, but overly square-cornered ones aren’t as comfortable to hold. We explored ways of increasing the surface area of chopsticks in the hand, as a way of improving holding comfort, and discovered the natural form of the pleated cross-section. When viewed as a cross-section, the chopsticks look like flowers, so a bunch of chopsticks kept together into a cup turns into a ‘bouquet’.
udukuri_sketch-epistrophy chopsticks-for-Hashikura-Matsukan-epistrophy-04, udukuri
Udukuri: The traditional technique, in which materials clamshells, eggshells and gold Read the rest

Innovative Cutlery By Nendo

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Nendo Design, Nendo Cutlery, Modern Silverware Design, Slate Stone Cutlery, Epistrophy, Sekki
Japanese Architecture and Industrial Design studio Nendo, in collaboration with metalwork company Kobayashi Kogyo have created these primitive looking yet exquisite line of silverware. The innovative cutlery was conceived to recall a carved out flint stone and thus create a powerful juxtaposition between the smooth, machined edges and rough sandblasted surfaces.… Read the rest