Incredibly detailed NYC Skyline Drawings by Pat Vale

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Colossus by Pat Vale from BigAnimal on Vimeo.

epistrophy, skyline, nyc, pencil drawing skyline-drawing-epistrophy-03 skyline-drawing-epistrophy-04 skyline-drawing-mergesmaller-epistrophy-01

Patrick Vale – a UK based artist has produced another one of his incredible NYC skyline drawings and taken a stunning video record of it with the video entitled “Colossus”. The vantage point for his super detailed and intricate drawing is the viewing deck at Rockefeller Center, which according to experienced tourists is one of the best high points to experience the density and whole vide of the city. Patrick took … Read the rest

Eerie Photos from deserted snowy NYC

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viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-01 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-02 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-03 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-04 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-05 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-06 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-07 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-08 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-09 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-10 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-11

The “biggest snowstorm in New York’s history” turned out to be a giant flop but apparently something did come out of it. Vivienne Gucwa who’s been photographing the city for over a decade captured these extremely rare images of city streets completely empty of people and cars.

In Vivienne’s own words: “What made this storm stand out versus other storms was that there was a ban on all vehicles aside from snow plows and emergency services. This meant that there … Read the rest

Absolutely Spectacular NYC Aerial Shots by Vincent Laforet

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vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_02vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_01 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_04vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_03 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_06vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_05 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_07 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_08 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_09vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_11 vincent_laforet_new_york_epistrophy_manhattan_10

Photographer Vincent Laforet climbed 7,500 feet (2,300 meters) above Manhattan to take these incredible aerial shots in what he describes was the most dangerous flight he’d ever taken. Helicopters are just not aerodynamic enough to hover steadily at such high altitudes but the results of this adventure are clearly more than worth it. He’s given us a rarely seen perspective of the wholeness of the city with its tangled streets in the downtown area and the highly defined grid of … Read the rest

The Water Tank Project Takes Over NYC

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water tanks, nyc, art, epistrophy, blue the-water-tank-project-nyc_epistrophy_02 the-water-tank-project-nyc_epistrophy_04 the-water-tank-project-nyc_epistrophy_05 the-water-tank-project-nyc_epistrophy_06 the-water-tank-project-nyc_epistrophy_07 the-water-tank-project-nyc_epistrophy_08 the-water-tank-project-nyc_epistrophy_09

Over 100 water tanks will be wrapped in the next few months (many of which have already been done) with art by established artists including John Baldessari, Jeff Koons, Maya Lin, Andy Goldsworthy, street artists such as Icy & Sot, Barry McGee, and Fab 5 Freddy, emerging artists, and even NYC public school students.

The project which was started by filmmaker Mary Jordan after her trip to Ethiopia in 2007. After working on her documentary there, she fell ill due … Read the rest

Detailed pencil drawings on White Paper by Paul White

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paul-white-pencil-drawings-nyc-epistrophy-02paul-white-pencil-drawings-nyc-epistrophy-01paul-white-pencil-drawings-nyc-epistrophy-03 paul-white-pencil-drawings-nyc-epistrophy-04 paul-white-pencil-drawings-nyc-epistrophy-05 paul-white-pencil-drawings-nyc-epistrophy-06 paul-white-pencil-drawings-nyc-epistrophy-07 paul-white-pencil-drawings-nyc-epistrophy-08 paul-white-pencil-drawings-nyc-epistrophy-09

Incredibly detailed and well composed drawings of junkyard cars and delivery trucks covered in graffiti by Australian artist Paul White. Be sure to check out the laborious and seriously committed to detail process of creating these works through the 30 hour timelapses. We at Epistrophy love the use of white space in Paul’s drawings which as if erased on purpose recedes in the background to allow for the beautiful pencil line-work to stand out even more.

Via Paul White’s websiteRead the rest

The CIty Series by James McNabb

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james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-08james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-01 james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-02 james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-03 james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-04
james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-05james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-06james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-07 james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-09 james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-10

“The City Series by James McNabb is a collection of wood sculptures that represent a woodworker’s journey from the suburbs to the city. Each piece depicts the outsider’s perspective of the urban landscape. Made entirely of scrap wood, this work is an interpretation of making something out of nothing. Each piece is cut intuitively on a band saw. The result is a collection of architectural forms, each distinctly different from the next.”

Via Mcnabbstudio.

 … Read the rest

Banksy and Os Gemeos Team up For a NYC Street Exhibit

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Banksy and Os Gemeos, NYC, Epistrophy, Chelsea, High-line, Exhibit, Red Scarf
Banksy and Os Gemeos, NYC, Epistrophy, Chelsea, High-line, Exhibit, Uniform Cop Banksy and Os Gemeos, NYC, Epistrophy, Chelsea, High-line, Exhibit, Paintings Hanging

Two (or should we say three) of the biggest street art names for the past few years have teamed up to create an “exhibition” in New York’s Chelsea district. The well-selected location by Banksy and Os Gemeos right – underneath the High-line – creates an impression both of something well planned or curated and spontaneous “tagging”. Creates as an antithesis to crowded museums, the artists have placed their work outside for all passersby to enjoy.

An observation bench is part … Read the rest

The First Flight of The Phantom Over NYC

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The First Flight of the Phantom is a short movie produced by director and producer Nicolas Doldinger. From a unique vantage point, it gives familiar New York a totally new reading. Gliding up to fifty feet above the city streets, the film-maker’s “DJI Phantom + Zenmuse H3-SD Gimbal + Gopro Hero 3” has captured some incredible footage of up-close traffic lights and flag-pole finials.

Via Vimeo.… Read the rest