Breathtaking Photographs of Dancers in Motion

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dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-03 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-01 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-02 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-04 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-05 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-06 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-07 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-08 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-09 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-10 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-11 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-12 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-13 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-14 dynamic-dancer-photography-portraits-alexander-yakovlev-epistrophy-15


We love this incredible series of images show the amazing attention to detail and strive for perfection by dancers amidst their passionate performances. Photography at its best, these stills let us savor a powerful moment of each motion which would otherwise go by very, very quickly. With the addition of flour thrown in the air, Yakovlev gives another dimension to his images and shows the space his dancers fill with their graceful movements.

Alexander Yakovlev is based in Moscow … Read the rest

Black and White Photography of Couples in Paris

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b&w couples 1 b&w couples 2 b&w couples 3 b&w couples 4 b&w couples 5 b&w couples 6 b&w couples 7 b&w couples 8 b&w couples 9 b&w couples 10 b&w couples 11 b&w couples 12 b&w couples 13 b&w couples 14 b&w couples 15 b&w couples 16 b&w couples 17 b&w couples 18 b&w couples 19 b&w couples 20 b&w couples 21 b&w couples 22 b&w couples 23 b&w couples 24 b&w couples 25

For once, the excitement, the bright red wrapping, pink hearted decals, the smell of sweet perfume and fluffy cuteness surrounding Valentine’s day didn’t leave us untouched. Hence, we decided to dedicate a post this sometimes controversial holiday. Love is everywhere around us and every day should be a celebration of the magical curse that’s been thrown upon us.

In his book, French Kiss – a Love Letter to Paris , the american photographer Peter Turnley presents a collection of couples … Read the rest

Surreal Photos of Icelandic Ice Caves

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Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_01

Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_02 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_03 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_04 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_05 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_06 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_07 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_08 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_09 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_10 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_11 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_12 Skarphedinn _Thrainsson_Iceland_Ice_Caves_Epistrophy_13
Icelandic photographer Skarphedinn Thrainsson (or just Skarpi) has captured a series of astounding photographs of his country’s ice caves. The images whith their translucent, blue forms can surprise even those familiar with Iceland’s uniquely rugged landscapes. The photographer’s work, which mostly features scenes from the country’s landscapes ranges from volcanoes and waterfalls to incredible Aurora Borealis shots.

All images courtesy of Skarphedinn Thrainsson.

Via Skarphedinn Thrainsson and MyModernMet.… Read the rest

Eerie Photos from deserted snowy NYC

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viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-01 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-02 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-03 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-04 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-05 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-06 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-07 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-08 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-09 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-10 viviennegucwa-nyc-snowstorm-2015-epistrophy-11

The “biggest snowstorm in New York’s history” turned out to be a giant flop but apparently something did come out of it. Vivienne Gucwa who’s been photographing the city for over a decade captured these extremely rare images of city streets completely empty of people and cars.

In Vivienne’s own words: “What made this storm stand out versus other storms was that there was a ban on all vehicles aside from snow plows and emergency services. This meant that there … Read the rest

Powdered Milk Angels by Jeffrey Vanhoutte

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jeffrey-vanhoutte-dancers-powdered-milk-epistrophy-01 jeffrey-vanhoutte-dancers-powdered-milk-epistrophy-02 jeffrey-vanhoutte-dancers-powdered-milk-epistrophy-03




jeffrey-vanhoutte-dancers-powdered-milk-epistrophy-07 jeffrey-vanhoutte-dancers-powdered-milk-epistrophy-08

Belgian photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte has turned a simple milk creamer ad campaign into an extraordinary piece of art. He teamed up with dancer Noi Pakon to create a series of breath-taking photographs exploring motion, stillness, shadow and form. The powdered creamer produced by the Dutch company Kievit was used as a medium – fine granules of milk – to describe and enhance the movements of the dancer in space. In some of the last images and the video which was … Read the rest

Stunning Double-Exposure Photographs by Erkin Demir

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Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-01 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-02 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-03 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-04 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-05 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-06 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-07 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-08 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-09 Erkin-Demir-double-exposure-epistrophy-10

Young Turkish photographer Erkin Demir blends beautifully expressive portraits with architectural and natural landscapes. The result is a black and white essay on personality and the free flight thought. Educated in Business Administration, Erkin took up photography following a great interest in the Visual Arts. Fashion photography became a passion but creative portraits prove to be a realm of great attention and dedication for the young artist.

The portraits are along the same lines as the work of another previously … Read the rest

Stunning Microscale Photos of Insect Wings

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linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-01 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-02 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-03 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-04 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-05 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-06 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-07 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-08 linden-gledhill-photography-butterfly-epistrophy-09Upclose photographs taken by biochemist Linden Gledhill (flickr feed here, carefully documented with the Latin names of each species) reveal the depths of the intrinsic beauty we ascribe to insect wings such as butterflies and moths.

An almost endless variety of colors blend on their surface, which resemble a hybrid between flower petals and fish scales. Brightly colored to attract species of the same kind and at the same time hide from predators, these insect have developed a beautiful, … Read the rest

Daredevils Scale Shanghai’s Tallest Tower

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shanghai-tower-climb-vadim-makhorov-epistrophy-2 shanghai-tower-climb-vadim-makhorov-epistrophy-3 shanghai-tower-climb-vadim-makhorov-epistrophy-4 shanghai-tower-climb-vadim-makhorov-epistrophy-5 shanghai-tower-climb-vitaliy-raskalov-epistrophy-6shanghai-tower-climb-vadim-makhorov-epistrophy-7 shanghai-tower-climb-vadim-makhorov-epistrophy-8 shanghai-tower-climb-vadim-makhorov-epistrophy-11 shanghai-tower-climb-vadim-makhorov-epistrophy-12 shanghai-tower-climb-vadim-makhorov-epistrophy-14 shanghai-tower-climb-vitaliy-raskalov-epistrophy-1shanghai-tower-climb-vitaliy-raskalov-epistrophy-9 shanghai-tower-climb-vitaliy-raskalov-epistrophy-10 shanghai-tower-climb-vitaliy-raskalov-epistrophy-13

Although the video of Russian daredevils Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov made its round on the internet and made quite a few palms sweaty just by looking at the footage, we think that without it the viewers can appreciate the full grandeur of Shanghai’s rapidly shaping skyline. The duo’s impressive photographs show the city from a vantage point that only a few lucky ones are able to experience.

High above the clouds, stand several of Shanghai’s skyline towers including KPF’s … Read the rest

The Striking Black and White Photography of Guy Cohen

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guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-16 guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-15 guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-14guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-03guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-06guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-07guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-08guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-01guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-10guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-17guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-11guy-cohen-2014-photography-epistrophy-05

Guy Cohen produced these carefully composed and executed black and white images through while exploring different parts of the world such as the US, Australia, Norway and Romania. While many of the photographs were indeed taken abroad, the student in Jerusalem’s portfolio showcases a lot of significant sights in his hometown.

From snowy streets to striking tile patterns, Guy Cohen’s black and white images tell the story of a solitary wander around a city rich in history and culture.

The … Read the rest