The Cube By Oyler Wu Collaborative

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Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-01 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-02 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-03 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-04 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-05 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-06 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-07 Cube-beijing-biennale-oyler-wu-collaboartive-epistrophy-08

Oyler Wu Collective:

“The proposal is aimed at creating a three-dimensional spatial experience to activate the urban environment, one that capitalizes directly on the inherent spatial characteristics of line. By using a semi-repetitious field of twisting “surfaces,” the proposal moves back and forth between complex field and coherent geometric pattern. Ultimately, we’re interested in the transcendence of line into a completely engulfing experience- one that can be occupied as a kind of three-dimensional drawing. This ambition is aimed at creating Read the rest

Ephemeral Sculptures by artist Marti Moreno

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Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-01 Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-03 Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-08Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-09Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-10Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-11Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-12Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-13Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-05Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-06Marti-Moreno-sculpture-the-transience-of-existence-Epistrophy-07

Born in 1979 in Valencia, Spanish artist, Manuel Marti Moreno creates has created a body of work dealing directly with the transience of the bodily image. His dream-like, ephemeral sculptures made primarily of steel mechanical pieces create, and at the same time, deconstruct the body form alluding to its temporal nature and intrinsic relationship with the rest of the environment. Deliberately left open-ended, his bodies, composed of small varying in shape particles dissolve into their background to become just a … Read the rest

The CIty Series by James McNabb

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james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-08james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-01 james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-02 james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-03 james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-04
james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-05james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-06james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-07 james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-09 james-mcnabb-city-series-epistrophy-10

“The City Series by James McNabb is a collection of wood sculptures that represent a woodworker’s journey from the suburbs to the city. Each piece depicts the outsider’s perspective of the urban landscape. Made entirely of scrap wood, this work is an interpretation of making something out of nothing. Each piece is cut intuitively on a band saw. The result is a collection of architectural forms, each distinctly different from the next.”

Via Mcnabbstudio.

 … Read the rest

Steampunk Sculptures Made of Found Objects by Edouard Martinet

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insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-01 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-02 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-03 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-04 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-05 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-06 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-07 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-08 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-09 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-10 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-11 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-12 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-13 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-14 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-15 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-16 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-epistrophy-17

Scrap metal transformed into birds, insects and fish of astonishing delicacy exhibition at Sladmore Contemporary from November 27 2013 until January 31 2014.

Edouard Martinet lives in Brittany, France, studied design at L’Ecole Superieure des Arts Graphiques, one of the ‘grandes ecoles’ in Paris, elite academies reserved for the most gifted students.

Martinet has now become the art world’s virtuoso insectophile (writes Gerry Farrell, Director of Sladmore Contemporary). At ten years old, a teacher introduced him to insects, leading to … Read the rest

Aggregate Sculptures by Ramon Todo

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Layers of Glass, Epistrophy, Modern Design, Stone, Glass, Layers
This unusual combination between highly polished glass and rough stone was created by Ramon Todo – a Japanese born artist who splits his time between Tokyo and Dusseldorf. The juxtaposition between the two materials, although stark at first glance, appears natural and maybe due to the fact that the two materials share a common origin.… Read the rest

Zach Dogherty’s latest Round of Animated Gifs

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zack_Dougherty_Epistrophy_01, Animated gifs, gif, Black vynil
Portland based Zach Dogherty has created this series of mesmerizing animated sequences featuring a large sculptural object (or the moon!) pulsating in the middle of a somewhat mundane setting. The powerful transformation that takes place pushes the boundaries of the two-dimensional image which was used as a starting point by a skillful choice of scale, movement and texture. The new objects start to tell a different story of a place and take us on a whimsical journey through art and … Read the rest

Xray-like Sculptures of Everyday Objects

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Do-Ho-Suh-Epistrophy-Sculpture-03, Bathtub
Korean artist Do-Ho Suh has constructed these very detailed, light-weight sculptures of his oven, toilet, bathtub and other fixtures found in his Manhattan apartment. All pieces are made of polyester fabric and appear weightless and translucent with a remarkable xray-like quality to them.… Read the rest

Fractal Ceramic Sculptures by Nuala O’Donovan

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Teasel_Noala_Odonovan_Epistrophy, Modern Art and Design, Sculpture Ceramics

Nuala O’Donovan produces these incredible fractal ceramic sculptures by aggregating regular forms in irregular patterns. She builds her pieces over a period of time – usually several weeks or months, allowing them to evolve naturally. The finished forms are a result of an intuitive response to the direction that the pattern takes as well as the irregularity in the handmade elements of the pattern, as the author describes.… Read the rest

Porsche Sculpture By Gerry Judah Aims For The Sky

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Artfully blending beauty and performance, Gerry Judah’s rendition of the Porsche 911 built for the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013 is a stunning visualization of the car’s aspirations.The structure features three iconic generations of Porsche 911, secured onto the end of 35 meter-long hollow steel plates that have been welded together.

Each year, the festival dubbed “the largest motoring garden party in the world” celebrates a different car brand with the building of a mega-sculpture. Gerry Judah, the artist commissioned … Read the rest